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Andy Dunbar, Head of Product and Customer Experience, Abrdn

"Having worked with David for a couple of years now, we really value his short, very no-nonsense, to-the-point critique of our work. Really insightful, he's able to bring his many years retail experience to highlight likely issues before actually conducting full testing. So that shortens the cycle, and means you don't waste a full user-test on basic issues you could have resolved beforehand.


Easy to work with, he's also very reasonable and much faster than a traditional UX testing agency! He'll tell you what you actually need to do to get genuine insight, rather than just turning the handle on work for the sake of it.


David has become my go-to for any UX research and testing and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others (and indeed I have many times)."

Colin Hewitt,  CEO and Founder at Float

"Working with David was one of those 'why didn't we do this sooner!' experiences. Loved the way he approached the work, and brought immediate clarity and actionable feedback to the team. Wouldn't hesitate to work with him again.


Fitted in really well to our team, and was a pleasure to work with."

Dr David Travis,  Author of Think Like a UX Researcher

"If you want to work with someone who appreciates that user experience is as much about understanding users as it is about designing experiences, then David Hamill is your man.


With years of experience in the field, David has a great understanding of usability tools and techniques and knows how to pick the right method for your situation."


Jackie Hunter, Senior UX Designer at Monito

"If you get the chance to work with David, grab it! I've worked with him for 8 years at Skyscanner. First when he was a freelancer and Skyscanner was a small startup, and later when he joined the company (to the delight of all), and onwards as it grew to the worldwide success it is today.


A lot of that success is down to the company's traveller-first philosophy, and David undoubtedly had a lot to do with that. He has a tireless focus on the user experience and how to champion its importance throughout the business. His unique insights into user behaviour are delivered with clear, pragmatic and actionable recommendations that were the basis of countless successful projects at Skyscanner. He's also a fun guy to have on your team!

In short, the best I've worked with." 


Mike Davis, CEO and Founder My Probate Partner

"I feel extremely fortunate to have had David’s help to advise our startup from an early stage. He's helped us tremendously to get our product on the right path by challenging our assumptions and really championing our future users. He has revolutionised my thinking around how we talk to and consider our users, I only wish we could have him around more often!"


Stefan Sabev, CTO AskPorter

"David is a fantastic user researcher with a relentless focus on removing friction and creating a smooth user experience. After I moved to a new job, David was my first point of contact to help me guide my thinking on customer research, hiring a designer and creating a better process for diagnosing the customers needs. I highly recommend David as a person to work with, because he always brings invaluable insights and digests them in a format that can be immediately actioned."


Rachel Evatt, CEO and Co-founder, AroundSound

"David made a huge contribution to the usability of Skyscanner over many years, first as a freelance consultant, until we thankfully persuaded him to join full time. David has the rare capability of remaining impartial and at a suitable distance from a product to run user testing and identify usability issues, whilst at the same time understanding the detail of a product inside out. He repeatedly makes and voices valuable observations about ways to improve how a product works for end users, and in turn delivers massive value. He is also a pleasure to work with.


I highly recommend working with him."


Dave Pier, Head of Product, Craft

"With his focus on the user and practical tips for solving their pain points David has been a huge help in numerous projects. Regardless of whether we’re at the beginning of a greenfield project or deep in to an established product David is able to get straight to the point and discover the biggest opportunities.


He is able to do this due to his skill and experience in watching and talking to users, but also by balancing the qual with quantitative data from a number of analytics platforms."


Matt Smith, Senior Product Manager, Pana

"While at Skyscanner, I had the privilege of having David as a colleague. When you meet him, you'll realize very quickly he's passionate about providing great experiences for customers that interact with your site -- without the fluff. On many occasions, I was fortunate enough to pop down and ask him a question or have coffee discussing issues. When I left Skyscanner and ventured into the world of startups and scaleups, David was one of the first people I called to get advice on user experience."

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