About me

I'm a freelance UX consultant with 17 years of experience in a very broad range of industries.

Product advice

A large part of my work involves UX research. I often can't give much advice without it. But I don't confine myself to the role of researcher.

While a UX researcher might take a more passive role, I will be more active in making recommendations and providing advice. 

Design advice

I also provide feedback to designers of all experience levels on their work. Even very experienced designers will spend just a fraction of their time, observing and analysing user behaviour. I've spent decades doing it.


This experience allows me to make useful observations about a designer's work which they often haven't considered.

Startups to large organisations

As a consultant I worked with organisations from large organisations, like the BBC, through to early-stage startups.


I led UX research for Skyscanner from 2010 on a freelance and permanent basis, from a small start-up to a globally successful company.

Focus on practice

By keeping my hand in the front line, my experience has remained focused on understanding user behaviour and how this impacts product and design decisions. 


I'm based near Edinburgh in Scotland. But have been​ working with teams remotely for many years. I have years of experience with remote user research.


While most of my clients are based in Scotland, I also work for clients elsewhere in Europe.

Don't take my word for it

Read the testimonies people have kindly written for me.

Some past talks

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