About me

I'm a freelance UX consultant with 17 years of experience in the field. I have worked in-house and consultancy-side in a very broad range of industries.

UX research with a difference

You could describe me as a UX researcher, but I work a bit differently from many other researchers I have come across.


In my view, research is merely the process of trying to get closer to the truth. It is not an end in itself. It is the outcomes which matter more.


While I'm experienced in running lots of different types of research, the most valuable part of what I do is to investigate and advise teams.


As a consultant I worked with organisations from large organisations, like the BBC, through to early-stage startups.


I worked with Skyscanner from 2010 on a freelance and then permanent basis for 8 years. I scaled user research there before returning to independent consultancy in 2019.

Focus on UX practice

I have always enjoyed the practice of helping product teams a lot more than the operational aspects of research in large organisations. 


I'm based near Edinburgh in Scotland. But have been​ working with teams remotely for many years, including carrying out  a lot of remote user research. While most of my clients are based in Scotland, I do work for clients elsewhere in Europe as well.

Writing on UX and product

My thoughts on UX research, design and product management can be found on my Medium page where I write fairly regularly.

Some past talks