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Virtual UX Lead

For organisations who need a seasoned UX practitioner on a part-time basis.

How it works 

I spend a focused period working with your team to identify and implement improvements to the internal UX practice. I do this by working hands-on within the team for a few days each week. My aim is to get your team using more effective approaches and getting better results.

Who is it for?​

This service is good for growing technology organisations with one or more designers, who feel they need the benefit of an experienced hand. This could be to.


  • Help with the direction of product development

  • Improve/set up a UX research practice in the team

  • Help with the development of UX colleague

  • Plug a temporary hole in the team

  • Help with hiring a permanent person for a UX role


How long for?

I initially spend 2 days/week for at least 3-4 weeks getting to know how the team works.


You don't need to commit to anything beyond this time, until you're convinced of the value I bring to your team. We can then agree the length of engagement on a rolling basis.

Read a case study or flick through my testimonies. 

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