Expert UX review

I can often spot areas of improvement in your product by drawing on past experience. 

How I do this

I will walk through the key journeys of your app or website, looking for aspects of the experience I believe could cause issues for some users.


This is based on my experience of observing similar patterns in previous research.

I deliver a report which explains these issues and gives you recommendations for how they could be resolved.

What you get

I will send you a report of my findings which contains

  • Explanations of the issues I spotted

  • Recommendations for improvement

I will also talk you through the report on a Zoom call and answer any questions you have.

Why me?

The quality of a UX review relies heavily on the knowledge and experience of the person carrying it out. My experience spans over 17 years doing hands-on user research, observing user behaviour and tracking the impact of design changes.

This puts me in an ideal position to review your website or software.