UX reviews

I can often spot areas of improvement in your product by drawing on past experience. I've been observing people use digital products for the last 17 years.

Video report

A snippet form a full review video

A short snippet from a full report video

Much of the time normally taken to do a UX review is spent in writing a report. I have developed a more cost-effective (albeit more rustic) approach which involves a recording of me discussing my findings and recommendations on video. 

This allows me to deliver a review for £400 which might otherwise be billed at £1,800 for the same level of insight.

The output

You will receive a link to a video (you can download) which tends to last 40-60 mins. In the video I will discuss a number of observations and recommendations. 

The precise number of observations and recommendations included will depend on what I see. It can often be around 30 observations. 


But in other reviews I might spend longer discussing a smaller number of important observations in greater detail.

The process

Step 1 - 1 hour
I go through key task(s) using your product and record my thoughts on video as I go. I spend about an hour on this step.


Step 2 - 2 hours

I watch this video back, taking notes of issues and recommendations. I then sort these notes into themes.


Step 3 - 1 hour
I use my notes
​ to record a second video which is for you. In this video, I will walk through the site discussing where I see improvements can be made.

Where necessary, this can be followed up with a call to discuss the findings.


The nature of these reports allows me to fit them around my existing workload of research and mentoring. I might need a week or two in order to deliver the video to you, depending on how busy I am with other things.

 Get in touch  if you'd like to know more.

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