UX research

I carry out user research for product teams, from small start-ups to international companies. I tend to recommend the leanest approach to get the insights you need to make decisions. 


I have maintained a focus on the practice side of UX (rather than leadership) for more than 15 years. This has given me the experience and ability to deliver you an impactful and actionable understanding of your users and customers.​

Ad-hoc research projects

I carry out ad-hoc research projects for some clients. In this scenario I quote costs in advanced, based on the days required and any additional expenses needed.

Continuous research

However, when I engage with a new client, they are often suffering from a generally low understanding of their users.


This often can't be remedied by a single research project. Instead they need to undertake a period of continuous learning about their users/customers.

When this is the case, I work with client for 2-3 days per week over a longer period, to build up this improved understanding.


The first 3 weeks of this time can seem unproductive, as I'm trying to learn as much as I can about the product and what is already known about its users.


I tend to begin adding real value by Week 4. This value can come in many forms, but tends to include one or more of the following

  • Doing research better than you previously did 

  • Defining what research most needs doing first

  • Specific recommendations and rationale for meaningful product improvements 

  • Recommendations and rationale for what product work to prioritise first

  • Feedback on designers work-in-progress

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