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Improve your onboarding

The first-time user experience your software provides, can't be papered over by onboarding wizards and product tours. Users frequently dismiss these while trying to work things out for themselves.

Instead your software needs to deliver its value quickly and smoothly. This comes from making improvements to the experience itself.


I can help you simplify and improve this experience.

How I do this

Normally the first step will involve usability testing. This is done with target users who have never used your software before. I observe and talk to them while they try to get set up, using your software in one-on-one sessions. 

I record the sessions, study them in detail, analyse the behaviour and then report back to you about how to make improvements. 

What you get?

  1. A report in simple, concise language which explains

    • The issues I observed

    • The design weaknesses I think cause the issues

    • Specific recommendations to improve

  2. Session recordings 

  3. A video call to talk through the report and answer your questions 


Why me?

My usability studies are designed to be as natural and authentic as possible. This provides more reliable and impactful results. I often see things that less experienced UX practitioners won’t.


I will highlight the most impactful issues when other practitioners might simply focus on the most obvious ones. 


The recommendations I provide are specific and actionable. You come away knowing how to improve your onboarding experience.

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