UX research

I carry out user research for product teams, from small start-ups to international companies. I tend to recommend the leanest approach which will get you the insights you need. 


I have maintained a focus on the practice of UX (rather than leadership) for more than 15 years. This has given me the experience and ability to deliver you an impactful and actionable understanding of your users and customers.

I can help you get the answer to a specific research question, but also help when you become aware of generally low levels of user understanding in the team.


I help to bridge the gap in knowledge and experience that some teams feel they are suffering from. This gap can come from a lack of experience to user-centred design in the UX Team or the wider organisation.

I work with lone UXers as a part-time colleague with a focus on UX research. Someone who can help them fill some gaps and work alongside them. This works well for lone UX researchers who are relatively new to the discipline, but also for design teams who feel they could improve the research they are doing.

I don't have a defined approach, instead I will adapt it to suit your team. 


The people I mentor can join my small Slack Team of designers and researchers, giving them the ability to contribute to and benefit from a wider pool of designers and researchers.

UX reviews

I've spent years helping people make better design decisions through the learnings from user research and A/B testing.

This puts me in the ideal position to give you advice on your designs. I can help by pointing out unexplored opportunities and highlighting potential issues with your current ideas. This will be practical advice, aimed at achieving better results. 


If you'd like to test the water or you're just looking for a short advice session, you can book a ZoomHour with me. These are hour-long consultancy calls I provide as online video calls.

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