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The services I offer

I’m a UX consultant who focuses on understanding user behaviour. I don’t do design. Instead, I give specific, actionable recommendations to help you improve user experiences. 

I help companies in 2 key ways:

1. Carrying out UX research

I carry out UX research for teams in need of an experienced hand. This can be ad-hoc research or as a continuous presence within the team for a few days each week.

2. Support and advice

I help companies to improve their UX approaches by assessing their existing work and providing advice and support.


Initially,  I'll spend a few days each week working alongside your teams, before delivering recommendations for improvements.


After this I can provide advice to the UX and product teams a few days each month.

Want to know more?

Read the testimonies people have kindly written for me or get in touch for a chat.

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