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Reduce your rate of churn

How I approach this

I talk to a number of your customers who have recently churned. We can’t just ask them why they churned and expect a useful answer.


Instead, we need to understand the individual stories and identify themes.

I apply what I learn from these interviews to a review of your software. I use this to make some recommendations for improvement.

What you get?

  1. A report in simple, concise language which explains

    • The factors which lead to users churning

    • The areas of your software which cause it

    • Specific recommendations to improve

  2. Session recordings 

  3. A video call to talk through the report and answer your questions 


Why me?

The type of interview required for this can take some expertise to do effectively. The reason a user churns is often quite detailed and difficult to explain quickly. I create a conversation where the reasoning is often obvious to the listener.


I can also approach this research in an objective manner because I am not part of your organisation. I won't have many of the biases and pet theories you might have.

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