Mentoring and advice

I provide flexible mentorship and advice to teams in the way to match their needs and budget. ​


Here are a few of the possible approaches.

Gradual handover

In this approach, I begin by taking the role of UX researcher in the team, with someone shadowing who will eventually take on the work. This begins with an agreed number of days per month and is kept flexible to ensure everyone is happy with how things are progressing.

Over time, I will be doing less and less of the actual work and reducing my involvement to the position of an advisor. Ideally, I can eventually be called upon, only when necessary for short sessions.



An extra pair of eyes

I can take the role of an observer when your UX research is taking place. This allows me to provide an extra viewpoint on the findings, but also to provide advice on how to improve future research.


Improving your unmoderated research

Many organisations use unmoderated and remote platforms as their only research approach. They usually make some easily avoidable mistakes in how they set these up. I can spend a little time consuming some of the past research before providing some advice on how it could be improved to be more impactful.

Ad-hoc advice sessions

I can also provide advice on an ad-hoc basis to an individual within your team. This is sometimes useful when they are the lone UX person and value the input of an experienced peer.

Sometimes the advice I can give may be limited without spending an initial period (2 days per week for 3-4 weeks) being a more integrated into the company. This allows me to learn enough to give impactful advice.

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