Mentoring and coaching

In the early stages of growth, many organisations hire a single, relatively junior UX designer or researcher. This individual often lacks experienced peers to learn from and can feel like they aren't being heard by the rest of their team.

I help to plug that gap, by being the experienced colleague they are lacking contact with. I give advice and support them in conversations with the rest of the team.

This tends to involve my devoting half a day per week to them for a few weeks and then just being available on a more ad-hoc basis when they have something they need my support with.

Slack team

Mentees can join my Slack team with around 8 other designers and researchers of varying experience levels. This serves as a virtual design team they can dip into to ask questions whenever they like.

I keep this team purposely small, to cut down the noise.

We also use Slack messages so I can give them quick advice, even when I'm not 'on the clock'.

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