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Get more leads from your website

The approach I will recommend is dependent on your business and your current website. Here I talk about one of the approaches I use...

How I might do this

I might recommend a study which aims to learn more about how people shop/research your product type.


This uncovers the tactics your customers employ to choose which sites to use, which products to scrutinise in more detail and how they determine good products from bad. 

I often introduce your website and some competitors to the study, but give participants the option to leave them at anytime. This approach helps you understand​


  • How potential customers decide which websites to visit

  • What makes them stay on a site

  • What details they are looking for on websites

  • What makes them leave a site

  • What convinces them of a good product choice

  • What warns them off a bad choice.

  • How your site can be improved to attract and retain users' interest

Knowing these things allows you to find opportunities for improvement. A recent client saw a 5% improvement in conversion from a single design change using this approach.

What you get

  1. A report in simple, concise language which explains

    • The important learnings about how people research your product

    • The implications for your website

    • Specific recommendations to improve

  2. Session recordings 

  3. A Zoom call to talk through the report and answer your questions 

Why me?

I develop these approaches myself and have used them to help clients improve leads and conversions. The analysis of the research sessions draws on the considerable experience I have in using lean, creative UX research techniques for 20 years.

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