Free UX consultancy calls

Hi, I'm David Hamill

Each week I offer up some time to provide free UX advice. Book your free 30-minute slot. 


About me

I'm a freelance UX consultant with 17 years experience. I've consulted for organisations of all shapes and sizes over the years. I have a particular interest in tech startups and scale-ups.

If you want to work with someone who appreciates that user experience is as much about understanding users as it is about designing experiences, then David Hamill is your man.

Dr David Travis,  Author of Think Like a UX Researcher

What's the catch?

I will try to help you as much as I can in the 30 minutes we have. If you find my advice useful, then perhaps you'll book a follow-up session or recommend me to others.

I don't do sales pitches in the calls. If you want to know how I might be able to help further, just ask.

Who are the calls for?

CEOs, Product Managers, Designers and UX Researchers can get benefit from the calls. Here's a range of reasons people have booked a call so far.

  • A quick review of your website, app or software for stand out UX issues

  • You're not getting the outcomes you'd hoped for from your product development or design efforts

  • You're planning some research and want a 2nd opinion

  • You're interested in hiring me and want to know a bit more.

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